Wardrobe Body

Quality Wardrobes begin with the finest raw materials. MAD offers top quality raw materials for all your wardrobes. From Marine ply — the pinnacle of waterproof wood-based materials to high density fibreboard we have all the options to create your long lasting perfectly styled wardrobes Materials Available MDF HMR, Particle Board, MR Plywood, Marine Ply, HDF HMR

Wardrobe Doors

From Straight to Sliding, At MAD we offer myriads of door options to give that flawless finish to your wardrobes Options Available Swing Doors, Sliding Doors, Folding Doors, Display Doors

Exterior Finishes Finishes

Experience the widest range of cabinet, countertop and backsplash finishes for your MAD modular wardrobe. Whether it’s a favourite color that you desire or a well-emulated authentic wood pattern, sobriety with a matt finish or high-gloss glamour, we have myriads of options to choose from.

Internal Modules

Your wardrobe can be designed with four basic types of storage - fixed shelves, pull-out shelves, drawers in varied sizes, and clothes rails, with an additional option of a specialized locker chamber. Based on this concept, MAD offers varied internal module combinations, which can be used to give you limitless options to suit every possible size and storage requirement.


The hardware fixtures in your MAD wardrobe, such as the hinges and drawer channels, are made from galvanised steel. Galvanization results in uniquely tough hardware, resistant to damage and corrosion. Designed as per the hardware’s function, the coating may also range from chrome to nickel.